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Notes and Sandbox

This is a page for random notes that may be later incorporated into the rest of the site.

Template Ideas

When site is ported to Wikimedia, use Templates (?) to make it easier to set up pages:
New Restaurant --> creates new page based on template --> choose categories (e.g. type of restaurant, location, etc.)

"Place" Template

Used for hotels, restaurants, attractions, shops...
Sidebar: Photo, Name, Address (google map link), Phone (skype call link), [Webpage/Fax/email], Hours, [Money accepted]
Main page: Name, Description (Why come here?  Details? What to they sell/do?  Specialties? Ambiance? Policies?  Prices?), Tips/Tricks/Directions/Recommendations, Reviews/Experiences (links to external reviews as well as on-site reviews)

"Media" Template

Used for CDs, books (guidebooks, Italian books), films...
Sidebar: Cover photo, Name, Author, Publisher, catalogue # (link to buy on Amazon), ISBN etc
Main page: Name, Description (style, substance, IMDB/Amazon/Wikipedia links, approximate price), Reviews/Experiences


Generic "wikinapoli" stub?