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Kids in Naples

Have children in Naples, Italy?  This page summarizes schools, activities, and other resources for people with kids.  While it can be difficult to raise children abroad, Italians love kids, so you're in a great place!


If you have school-age children, check out the choices listed below.
  • Department of Defense Schools (DODS) -  at the Gricignano Support Site, the Naples Elementary School (NES) and Naples Middle/High school (Facebook page for PTSA) feature standard, American-style curriculum taught by professional teachers.  A free bus picks up and drops off kids from off base every day (it stops in most places that Americans live).
  • Anglo Italian Montessori School - at the former JFC base in Bagnoli, teaches preschool-to-8th grade, classroom instruction is by native English speakers (but includes Italian language instruction), although it has an international clientele (it's popular with Italian families who want their kids to learn English)
  • Sequoia Scuola Bilingue - located near the U.S. Consulate at Via Andrea D'Isernia 36 (081-660-562), is a bilingual (Italian & English) Preschool, Primary and Middle school. For more information contact director Lisa Ray at or see
  • International School of Naples - Pre-K through 12 school at the former JFC base in Bagnoli, based on American system of education but students may also take Italian State School exams; international audience.
  • International School of Lago Patria - see below for full information; runs all the way through high school
  • Italian School - A handful of ex-pats send their kids to Italian schools out in town. Some that are popular with expats include the following:
    • Instituto Froebel, described below, has an elementary school in addition to its preschool
    • Instituto Teodoro Monticelli, described below, runs through middle school.
  • Homeschool - Another option is to teach your children at home.  Unlike many American states, there is no accreditation or registration requirement.  You can use the DODS library, or have your kids engage in other on-base activities (e.g. DODS sports, ROTC, MWR Teen Center activities/sports, scouting, etc.).  For more information, see the following groups:
  • Resource: School Liaison Officer at the Fleet and Family Support Center - Annise Winslow is the current liaison officer, who can help you with homeschooling, picking schools, and many other school issues, DSN: 629-6549, COMM: 081-811-6549, or


There are similarly several options for preschools (also consult the Living Abroad in Naples Italy and Living Abroad Gaeta Facebook groups):
  • Child Development Centers (CDC) - there is one on the Support Site (DSN: 629-4989, Commercial: 081-811-4989) and one at Capodichino (DSN: 626-5116, Commercial: 081-568-5116)
    • School Age Care (Support Site): DSN 629-4722 / Commercial 081-811-4722
    • Child and Youth Programs (Support Site): DSN 629-4390 / Commercial 081-822-4390
  • Sure Start at DoDEA Elementary School - free preschool, priority for children of E-1 to E-4 or other "at risk" children (e.g. single parrents)
  • International School of Lago Patria - Via I Traversa Marenola 17, località Lago Patria, Giugliano in Campania, 40° 55' 38.10'' N 14° 02' 36.83'' E, 081-509-6452. Private school for children between 3 and 18 years old ("Early Years" preschool, Elementary, Middle, and High School). Curriculum taught in both English and Italian, based on Italian educational standards...see website for details.
  • Istituto Froebel - bilingual school near Support Site popular with Americans and British, also see the Froebel American Community on Facebook. Via Cilea 49, Aversa 081-890-7746, 333-703-7505, 40°58'50.41"N, 14°12'35.10"E,
  • Istituto Teodoro Monticelli -  in Lago Patria (Parco Mazzola viale Saturno 6).  Nursery/Preschool/Kindergarten/Primary/Middle School.  U.S.-style curriculum in English.  Runs 0830-1600 with before and after school day care available upon request. 081-509-1620, 333-132-0555, 340-336-0387,
  • Little Learners in Teverola - run by Americans but also has Italian classes,,  348-855-3322
  • La Favola - bilingual school near Support Site, via dell'Archeologia 54, 081-813-0096
  • Montessori School - the Anglo Italian Montessori School (listed above under "Schooling") starts with toddlers in pre-school.
  • Centrobambini Pezi - an international school in Pozzuoli, Via Vecchia Campana 28/A, in Parco de Luca, 392-624-1089, 346-859-2039,
  • De Santis - preschool in Pozzuoli, popular with Americans who live nearby. Via Suolo San Gennaro 18, 081-526-3717,
  • Green Garden - bilingual preschool near Lago Patria, Via Lago Patria 187, Giugliano in Campania, 081-509-1290
  • Bim, Bum, Crack - wins the "most unusual preschool name" contest; in Parco Mazzola, Lago Patria; run by Viviene and Salvo.  338 361 8312 or 329 662 8830.
  • Istituto San Andrea - in Sant'Arpino
  • School Infant Paradise di Mazzarella Carmelina - in Carinaro, at Via Contrada 5/14, 081-502-8416/081-198-14076


Kid-Friendly Places/Activities

Depending on how old your kids are and their interests, many of the sights in and around Naples (and the rest of Italy) will also be of interest.  Take a look at suggested Naples itineraries for ideas if your kids are into the outdoors, history, food (everybody loves pizza and gelato!), etc.  Here are some specific places that may be of particular interest to kids:
  • Magic World - amusement park, also a water park in the summer, Via San Nullo 14, Giugliano in Campania, Licola exit, 081-854-6792,
  • Monkey Planet - a bit like "Chuck E Cheese", in Teverola (~10 min NE of Support Site), in the Iperfamilia Appia Center, parking lot 41°00.6'N 014°13'E, 339-378-0760,, open most days 10-10
  • Edenlandia - childrens' amusement park (includes bumper cars, a castle, log ride, train, etc.) in the Mostra d'Oltremare (Overseas Exposition Center) in Fuorigrotta (not far from JFC/Bagnoli), Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy 76, 081-239-4090,
  • Ikea - has a kid's playground, see Shopping Page for location/hours
  • Hyppo Kampos Resort - in Castel Volturno (W of the Support Site) at about 41.002913,13.976185, lots of stuff for kids to do,
  • Laser Game Napoli - that's right, Naples has laser tag!, Via Benevento 1, 80030 Roccarainola (near Cicciano, E of the city on the road to Avellino), call 340-527-6173 for reservations, approximately 40.970765,14.54269



  • Parco Virgiliano in Posilipo - 40.79989,14.181247 large park with picnic areas, children's play equipment, etc. overlooking the sea and Nisida
  • Parco del Poggio in Colli Aminei - 40.867144,14.238474 small park just off the Tang (Viale Colli Aminei exit) or 10-15 min walk from Colli Aminei metro, beautiful view
  • Capodimonte Park - huuuuge park, used to be royal hunting grounds
  • Villa Comunale - along the waterfront, flat, a playground, cool statues, occasionally has antique market (see shopping in Napoli for more)...the old-school Naples Aquarium is also there
  • Lungomare (Via Napoli) in Pozzuoli - concrete/stone but lots of play areas (basketball, etc.) and always full of folks walking around; nice view of the Bay of Pozzuoli and, on a clear day, Capri


NATO military have a number of groups (CDC, etc.) on base.  See Naples Base Information for more.