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US Military Bases

NATO and US government employees have access to American-style businesses at the military installaions. See Base Information for more about the NEX, Commissary, etc.  Also, see the Naples Overseas Spouses Club publication Shopping on the Boot for lots of good information (you can pick it up at the Thrift Store on the Support Site).

Ipermercati/Big Box

"Hypermarkets" offer a full-service supermarket plus a number of other cheap goods.  Think of it like a Super Wal-mart.  Other American-style Big Box stores tend to be clustered around the hypermarkets.  (As landlord agent Enzo Scotto once said, "Italians used to go to New Jersey to they bring New Jersey to Italy!")  They are some of the few stores open on Sundays.
  • Auchan - one of the largest hypermarkets
    • main one near Naples is in Giugliano (40°56'N 14°9'E), which is co-located with a Conforama, Euronics, Decathlon, and Leroy Merlin (see below) Sun 10-9, Mon 1-9, T-Sat 9-9...also Auchans at
    • Mugnano, northwest of Capo (40°54.7'N 14°13.4'E, same hours).
    • Volcano Buono, a huge mall shaped like a volcano (hence the "Good Volcano" name) near Nola half an hour east of the Support Site (40°57'N 14°29.3'E, M 12-10, T-Sun 10-10)
  • Ipercoop - a hypermarket that is also a farmer co-op, so they have good produce and store brands.  One is near Carney Park in "Quarto Nuovo" (40°52.7'N  14°6.7'E) Sun/M 10-9, T-Sat 9-9; the other is in Afragola in "Le Porte di Napoli" (40°56'N 14°21.1'E) Sun/M 10-9, T-F 9-9, Sat 9-10.
  • Carefour - similar to Auchan, this is the major store in the two-storey Campania Mall, on A1 north of Naples (in Marcianise, near Caserta, 41°0.2'N 14°19.5'E).  Also a smaller one near Capo in Casoria at 40°53.9'N 14°18.7'E.
  • La Reggia Designer Outlet - a collection of outlet stores across A1 from the Campania Mall (see Carefour, above), open every day 10-10.
  • Ikea - similar to the States, although bedding is all in European sizes.  A good selection of relatively inexpensive kitchen wear.  There is one near Capo in Afragola (40°54.5'N 14°19'E), right across from a Leroy Merlin (see below); every day 10-9 except August 15 (Ferragosto).
  • Leroy Merlin - Home Depot equivalent.  One is near Auchan (same hours as Auchan) and one is near Ikea (open 9-9 every day).
  • Euronics - electronics store.  One is near Auchan and one is near the Quarto Nuovo Ipercoop.
  • Decathlon - sporting goods store; one near Auchan (same hours as Auchan) and one near the Campania Mall/Carefour (10-9 every day).
  • Metro Pozzuoli - Costco-like wholesale store with great deals on wine, bulk foods, and cookwear; you can get in using a military ID.  On Via Campania, near Carney Park, 40°51.2'N 14°7.1'E, 081-303-8111, M-Sat 7-9, Sun 9-8.


Negozi ("Stores") are all over the place, from the small mom-and-pop to the huge department stores; the following are some of the major shopping districts:

  • Via Toledo - the place to be seen; it seems that all of Naples heads here in the evenings for a passagiata (walk).  A number of department stores inhabit the old palazzi; also has the splendid mall of Galleria Umberto I
  • Corso Umberto - another major shopping street, which connects Piazza Garibaldi with Piazza Municipo.
  • Via Chiaia - one of the hippest places to shop, between Piazza del Plebiscito and Mergellina.  Along the way and continuing past Piazza dei Martiri to Via dei Mille and Piazza Amadeo, you will find many designer brands as well as discount stores.
  • Vomero - many nice stores, especially on via Scarlatti.
Specific stores of note:
  • Asian Food Store: Supermercato Daxiyang, Corso Novara 3/A (right across from McDonald's at Garibaldi Central Train Station) 081-281595, open 8-8 every day, 40.85361,14.271583.
  • Ukranian/Russian/German Store:  Svetlana S.A.S., viale Cappuccini Carmine 10, in Pozzuoli (near via Napoli lungomare), 9-1, 4-7:30, closed Mon, 081-303-2694.
  • Le Spighe Fresh Pasta - in Gricignano, via San Salvatore, 081-813-2461, rec'd by some Americans (close to Support Site), Rosaria di Santo
  • Il Mercatino - Varcaturo, consignment shop/thrift store
  • Naturamica - in Bagnoli near the GS, has a lot of "natural" (hippie) products as well as Asian foods, etc. Via Nuovo Agnano 55, 081-570-2692, 9-8, closed Sun,
  • Ciro's in Licola - popular store with Americans, has furniture/ironwork, etc 348-098-7116, Via Montenuovo, Licola Patria 141, N 40 52' 6" E 14 3' 41"
  • Sita/Standa in Pozzuoli - neighborhood supermarket near Madigan's, M-Sat 9-1, 4:30-8 (5-8:30 in the summer).
  • Menswear:
    • To get shirts and suits made-to-order, the New York Times recommends Anna Matuozzo (viale Gramsci 26, 081-668-3874) and Antonio Panico (via Carducci 29, 081-415-804) respectively.
    • E. Marinella is the most renowned tie shop in Naples (Riviera di Chiaia 287, 081-764-4214, M-Sat 7-1:30 and 3-8); Marinella has provided ties to U.S. Presidents and other famous folks.
    • C Style, a menswear store near Piazza Garibaldi, gives pretty good prices (~100-300 euro) for suits, free tailoring, Corso Umberto 292, 081-195-75-869‎/081-563-4422, open every day but Sun, riposo from 2:30-3:30, closed 15-31 August.
    • Giovanni Festa (G.F.), also near Piazza Garibaldi (Via S. Cosomo F.P. Nolana 44, 081-554-8696, 9-1 and 2-6, closed Sat afternoon, Sun, and August), is a wholesale clothing store; follow the "G.F." signs to a place with 60 euro suits and 20 euro shirts; also see Stars and Stripes article.
    • Shoe Alley (Poggioreale) market also has cheap suits (around 50-60 euro) off the rack; see below for details.
  • Dry Cleaning
    • On base - see base information for hours/numbers at Capo and Support Site
    • Ralph's - look for his van just outside of the Capo gate every workday morning...he speaks good English and is recommended by many
  • Hairdressers/Barbers/Stylists:
  • Wrought Iron:
    • Ciro in Licola - Via Montenuovo Licola Patria 141, behind bathroom remodeling store on Saturday mornings, 348-098-7116, 40°52'06"N 14°03'41"E, does wine racks, custom beds/tables, etc.

Shopping Streets in Naples also has more information.


See the Naples Markets page for more information about outdoor markets.


To get stuff from the States that is not available on base, it is very convenient to go online.  However, not every retailer ships to FPO addresses.  Here are some resources that will help you shop online:

  • General note:  The best way to ship is USPS Priority Mail, which arrives in about a week (maybe two).  Parcel Post can take 1.5-3 months.  Unfortunately, retailers don't always specify which one they are using.
  • has a list of places that ship overseas, and a very useful guide to FPO shipping.
  • , for a small fee, will receive items from retailers that do not ship to FPO/APO and then re-ship it to you.
  • offers a similar service.
  • Notes on Specific Stores:
    • Autozone offers free shipping to FPO addresses!
    • will ship to FPO, even using their "Super Saver" free shipping (although they caution that it could take up to 21 days).  They do not, however, offer next/2nd day service, and some of the "marketplace" retailers on the Amazon site can charge a lot for FPO shipping.
    • also ships to FPO, including their "Fast and Free" service (although the "fast" guarantee of 3 days does not apply to FPO).  Like amazon, the "air" shipping is not an option for FPO.
    • ships to FPOs but warn that it could take 6-8 weeks to deliver, so this is likely Parcel Post (although their FAQ says 2-6 weeks).
    • allows "standard" shipping (most orders cost $10).
    • Gap companies (Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta) ship for free to FPOs
  • Stores that do not ship to FPO:
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