Hiking in Cilento

[NOTE: GPS coordinates don't seem right...need to check them out...]

1. VIA ISTMICA: East [40°23'33.65"N 15°26'05.55"E]

Good Hike! At the small pull off you will see two trails beginning on opposite sides of the road. I took the one on the side of the road with the information billboard. It begins with a slight assent on a grass slope. Passing between a old house and a horse pasture. You will go through a couple of fences. Remember to replace the fence after passage. At the top of the grassy plain you will pass though a fence where there will be a large fern patch on your right. The trail continues on the other side of the fern patch at the base of the rocky slope. The trail goes for as long as you want to hike. I went 1.5hrs up and 1 hr down.

There are several hiking trails in this section of the park. Just a couple of miles farther down the road there is a rifugio named Monte Motola. Stop in for the night.

2. LAURITO: Easy

Park your car at the end of the pavement. Hike up the dirt road. You will pass some shepherds on your right. Continue till you reach the rifugio. Behind the rifugio there are a couple of trails. Of note: remember the cow without the bell is the bull. There is a nice place to stay in the town of Laurito owned by a english speaking couple.