Greece and Turkey



Home to the ancient Acropolis and the most important Archeological Museum of Greek artifacts, Athens is also a modern metropolis, rennovated after the 2004 Olympic Games.


Don't go here--there's nothing to see--although the drive over the mountains from Sparta to Olimpia is beautiful.


Known as the "Party Island" of the Greek Cyclades, it also has a smaller cousin (Delos) which has ruins of Greek temples.


Over 3000 years ago, a gigantic volcanic eruption created what is now the Caldera of Santorini, wiping out the Minoan civiliztion and giving rise to the lengend of Atlantis. Today, Santorini welcomes tourists from around the world with its rugged beauty, from sheer cliffs to sandy beaches. A great place for couples but also adventurous singles.

    • The town of Oia ("ee-ah") boasts postcard-perfect views of white houses and blue-domed churches clutched on the cliffs, and is supposedly the place to see the most beautiful sunset in the Greek isles. Recommended hotel (includes a pool and small apartments carved into the cliffs, right near the famous sunset-watching spot): Oia Mare Villas.The main town of Fira (or Thira/Thera) hosts most of the nightlife.
    • The walk between Imirovigli and Fira along the Caldera is spectacular.
    • Also recommended: Blue Lagoon Cruises, a family-run boat touring company that features all-you-can-drink cruises around the Caldera to see (and swim in) some of the best spots around Santorini.