Eastern Campania

East of Naples, in the "Irpina" region, one leaves the shadow of Vesuvius as the terrain grows mountainous, with hill towns dotting the countryside, as well as a few larger towns in the valleys. The area is known for its good wines, cheeses, cured meats, and chestnuts.


The capital of the Avellino province, this is the major town in this area. While it has ancient roots (it started as the Roman town of Abellinum), various earthquakes including one in 1980 destroyed many of the older buildings. This blogpost by Petite Suitcase Travel gives a nice introduction to the town and recommends gelaterie, restaurants, and wineries.

    • #Degusta - Via Ammiraglio Ronca 35, 082-578-4957, rec'd 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia, Luciano Pignataro, TCI, Cucchiaio, this site

    • Il Testone Pizzastore - the #1 restaurant in Avellino on TripAdvisor in 2019, pizzaiolo Filippo Testone

    • Triglia Trattoria di Mare - seafood specialists rec'd TCI, Luciano Pignataro, and these blogs (in Italian)

    • Saporitaly - rec'd Luciano Pignataro, very good TripAdvisor ratings

    • La Forchetta d'Oro - good TripAdvisor ratings

    • Viva Pulcinella - hotel restaurant rec'd TCI

    • Antica Trattoria Martella - via Chiesa Conservatorio 10, 082-531-117, 032-532-123, closed Mon, Sun eve, in the historic center, old rstaurant known for its traditional, local food. Rec'd by Gambero Rosso, Slow Food Osterie d'Italia (not any more as of 2018), Espresso, Michelin, Carla Capalbo, and TCI.

Places to Eat in Avellino Province

  • ?Mirabella Eclano: Radici Resort - associated with the Mastrobernardino winery; Località Piano Pantano, Contrada Corpo di Cristo, in Mirabella Eclano, 082-543-1537, 082-561-4111, closed Sun eve, Wed, Tracey Pruiett raves: "Amazing restaurant. Nearby wineries. 9 hole golf course. It's like a little piece of Tuscany that's only 45 minutes to an hour away." also rec'd by Gambero Rosso, Espresso, and TCI

  • ?Ariano Irpino:

    • ## La Pignata - Viale dei Tigli 7, 082-587-2571, 082-587-2355, closed Tues, rec'd by Gambero Rosso, Slow Food Osterie d'Italia (still in 2021), Espresso, Michelin, Carla Capalbo, and TCI, a bit pricey --> looks delicious!

    • Trattoria Braceria Due Nani - rec'd 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia

    • Regio Tratturo - rec'd Slow Food Osterie d'Italia 2021

  • Melito Irpino: Antica Trattoria di Pietro (Crescenzo) - Corso Italia 8, 082-547-2010, closed Wed, and 2 weeks in September, rec'd by Gambero Rosso, Osterie d'Italia (still in 2018), Mangiarozzo, Carla Capalbo, Luciano Pignataro, and Michelin

  • #Atripalda

      • Valleverde da Zi' Pasqualina - Via Pianodardine 112, 082-562-6115, closed Sun, much of August, and late Dec/early Jan, rec'd by Gambero Rosso, Slow Food Osterie d'Italia (still in 2018), Espresso, Mangiarozzo, Carla Capalbo, and TCI, one of the oldest trattorie in Irpinia, serves classic Irpinia-style food. Luciano Pignataro has a blog entry about their soup (in Italian)

      • Trattoria A' Lanterna (di Preziosi Gerardo) - rec'd in 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia, Luciano Pignataro

      • Mastrobernadino winery is also in Atripalda, see below

  • Bisaccia: Antica Osteria e Locanda il Grillo d'Oro - Località Bisaccia, Largo Convento, 082-789-278, closed Mon eve, also a hotel, rec'd by Slow Food Osterie d'Italia (still in 2018), Carla Capalbo, and Mangiarozzo; Luciano Pignataro blog entry (in Italian)

  • ?Ospedaletto d'Alpinolo:

  • Gesualdo: La Pergola di Gesualdo - closed Wed, only dinner except weekends, rec'd by Gambero Rosso, Osterie d'italia (still in 2018), Espresso, Mangiarozzo, Carla Capalbo, and TCI...the town has a cool castle

  • Grottolella (a bit far N of Avellino): La Cantinella - via della Repubblica 14, rec'd by Mangiarozzo.

  • Forino: Tenuta Montelaura - agriturismo rec'd 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia

  • Lioni (way E of Avellino): La Pentola d'Oro (di Sapio Francesco) - via Torino 15, rec'd by Mangiarozzo, 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia

  • Nola - see the Nola page

  • Scampitella (N of Vallesaccarda): La Vecchia Scalinata - via Mazzini 20, rec'd by Mangiarozzo

  • Serino (SE of Avelino, in Raiano): Braceria Raiano Antica - piazza Iannelli 35, rec'd by Mangiarozzo

  • San Michele di Serino (S of Avelino): Ristornate Tavernetta Marinella - via Cotone 1, rec'd by Osterie d'Italia (still in 2018)

  • Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi (deep inland E of Avellino): La Locanda di Enza - Borgo San Rocco, rec'd by Osterie d'Italia (not anymore in 2018)

  • Sorbo Serpico: Marennà - see below

  • Mercogliano: I Santi - rec'd by Carla Capalbo, 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia

  • Cesinali (SE of Avellino): Gelateria la Gondola, rec'd TCI

  • Rocca San Felice: Ristorante Museo La Ripa - rec'd 2018 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia

  • Vallesaccarda

Wine Country

This area is known for its great wine, including Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Taurasi. Taurasi is a bit like the "Brunello (or Barolo) of the South"—it's a bold, rich, aged red with a lot of tannins (their consorzio website lists a number of producers).

  • Antica Hirpinia - Contrada Lenze, 082-774-730, Fiano di Avellino, Anno Domini 1590, and Irpinia Aglianico were named one of Slow Food's favorite "everyday wines" (relatively cheap but good)

  • Cantine Antonio Caggiano - in Taurasi, runs an agriturismo in addition to the winery, makes Fiano/Greco/Taurasi as well as Aglianico, very good reviews on TripAdvisor, this guide says "If you visit just one producer in Taurasi make sure it is Antonio Caggiano"

  • Contrade di Taurasi - relatively small place that makes Aglianico IGT, Taurasi, and "Grecomusc", more information on this site

  • Tenuta Cavalier Pepe - really good TripAdvisor and Google reviews, in town of Luogosano

  • ## Feudi di San Gregorio: in Sorbo Serpico, this is one of the most famous wineries in Campania

  • Mastroberardino - a big/famous winery in Atripalda, see above for information about their Radici Resort

To Do

There's more than just wine and food: