Kids in Rome

Traveling to Rome with kids? Here are some ideas, tips, and tricks:

Rome for Different Ages

Some thoughts on traveling with kids of various ages:

Practical Tips

Fun for Everybody

With the exception of a few of the most stuffy palazzi or churches, almost every sight in Rome can be of interest to kids. Especially with the right framing or tour guides, places like the Colosseum, St Peter's Basilica, the Pantheon, and the many piazzas/fountains can delight people of all ages. Check out main Rome page for a list of my favorite places to see. Similarly, everyone can appreciate great food, especially gelato!

You can also find ways to make ordinary sightseeing more fun/kid friendly, for example:

Parks & Playgrounds in Rome

Especially if you've got younger kids or toddlers, it's great to blow off some steam at a park. Unfortunately there aren't quite as many playgrounds (area giochi) in Italy as in many parts of the US, but here are some parks & playgrounds near touristy areas:

Kid-Centric Activities


In Rome over the summer and want to cool off? Here are some options: