Milan (Milan) is the 2nd largest city in Italy and its business, fashion, and banking capital, bustling with the classy buzz of modern Italy.  Although much of its history was lost to bombing in World War II, it has a handful of historic streets, and still preserves two amazing masterpieces: the Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper fresco and the Milan Cathedral. It's also a great "home base" to exploring the beautiful Lake District and the rest of northern Italy. (In the same way that Pulcinella represents Naples, Meneghino represents Milan: an honest, just, sincere servant)



*** = highly recommended

City Center (Centro Storico/Duomo, Brera, Quadrilatero/Montenapoleone)

North of City Center/Near Central Train Station (Centrale, Buenos Aires, Porta Nuova/Garibaldi)

East of City Center (Porta Vittoria, Città Studi...)

South of City Center (Navigli, Porta Romana...)

West of City Center

Well Outside of Town

Other Italian Regional Cuisine

you can find great cuisine from many regions around Italy in Milan, since so many people come here to work

Non-Italian Food

since Milan is so international, it's a great place for cucina etnica ("ethnic food", aka non-Italian food)


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