Hiking in Avellino

Avellino is a beautiful area East of Naples which features excellent hiking through its mountaneous landscape.

Campo Maggiore

Just over the hill from Santuario di Montevergine is a large park called Campo Maggiore [40° 56'13.21"N 014°42'46.03"E]. Wide fields and numerous trails make a great day trip for a family of any size. If you keep driving through the park you can continue on dirt roads to the other side of the mountain. I would not suggest driving these road in anything but a truck, 4X4 is not necessary. These dirt roads make great mountain biking trails. The roads seem to be endless..

Monte Terminio

40° 49' 60.00" N 014° 55' 60.00" E

Here are directions so you don't get totally lost--Garmin and TomTom take you all over the place. They get really confused by all the switch backs.


Take the A1 to the A16(Bari/Salerno)

Take exit Avellino Est toward Reggio C./A3 You will go through a toll. At the stop, turn left (Signs to Salerno)

Take a Right at the Serino/Salerno (E841) Sign Exit Serino and go towards Via Terminio Follow all the BROWN signs that go to MONTE TERMINIO Go up the mountain, switch back after switch back. When you get to the fork in the road with lots of signs, turn LEFT. Follow that road up the mountain. You will come to an open pasture and turn sharp left. Up you go. You will see another set of signs (they mean nothing to me except) at your next left turn and that is where the camp is.