A friendly, English-speaking resort on the Sorrentine Peninsula (the northern side; the southern side is the Amalfi Coast), Sorrento is the mythical home of the Sirens who seduced Odysseus (Ulysses), and is known for its citrus fruits and products produced from them (such as limoncello). When you leave the town, you will certainly want to Torna a Surriento ("Return to Sorrento"--a famous Neapolitan song).

Getting to Sorrento

The following are ways to get to Sorrento:

    • Car - Take A3 south (towards Salerno); get off on the Castellammare di Stabia exit. Follow blue signs for Sorrento. Parking can sometimes be difficult, but there are several lots around town, and often there is parking at Piazza della Vittoria (40°37.62'N 14°22.28'E).
    • Train - You can ride the Circumvesuviana from Piazza Garibaldi (Napoli Centrale) to Sorrento; it takes about 1 hour. Read the transport page for details and how to avoid pickpockets. As noted in the Ticket Section, you'll want a TIC NA-5.
    • Ferry - One of the most scenic and relaxing ways to visit Sorrento is via ferry. See the transport page's ferry section for more information.
    • Bus - There are also buses from Capodichino (6/day for 10 euro; see or 081-801-5420) and Naples (near Castel Nuovo, see SITA Bus line XV).

Stuff To Do

    • Shopping/Walking - the town itself is fun to walk around, although you may be overwhelmed at the tourist trap souvenirs. If you venture a bit outside of Corso Italia and Via San Cesareo, however, you can find peaceful lanes and beautiful views of the Bay of Naples.
    • Lemon Grove - there is a nice grove of citrus trees run by a family just off of Corso Italia (near the train station)
    • Duomo - the town cathedral includes some magnificent marble and inlaid wood.
    • La Botteguccia ("Jasmine's") - Jasmine and her sisters Maria and Giosefina give you a warm welcome in their tiny inlaid wood (intarsia) and liqueur shop. They routinely produce custom-made inlaid wood for the U.S. military, and actor Danny Devito once praised their limoncello as the best in Sorrento. If it's not too busy, Jasmine will show you how they make the inlaid wood. Corso Italia 137, 081-877-3878 or 081-807-2342,, every day 9-1 and M-Sat 3:30-9 PM.
    • Gelato
      • Davide Gelateria - Don't miss this wonderful gelateria, which has a smorgasbord of wonderful flavors, including the citrus medley profumi di Sorrento ("smells of Sorrento"). Via Giuliani 41, 081-878-1337,, closed during off season (Nov-Mar), rec'd TCI, Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
      • Rakì - rec'd by Dissapore as one of the top gelaterie in Italy, Gambero Rosso Gelaterie d'Italia 2020
    • Hiking
      • walk (or hop on the bus) to the end of Via Capo to the Villa di Pollio Felice (an old Roman archeological site and home to the swimming hole Bagni della Regina Giovanna)
      • start near the Hilton Sorrento Palace at 40°37'17.1"N 14°22'15.5"E and walk up the Via Crucis steps...the road (which sometimes allows cars) eventually leads to the Monastero del Deserto (see Amalfi Coast for more)

Where to Eat

The following are recommended restaurants in Sorrento:

    • Trattoria da Emilia - Great, cheap local place in the Marina Grande, with a terrace on the water. Big portions of wonderful food, especially seafood pastas. Recommended by Rick Steves, Let's Go, Frommer's, Mangiarozzo, and Cadogan's (!). ~€25, Via Marina Grande 62, 081-807-2720, 12:30-3, 7:30-11, closed during off-season.
    • Trattoria Leone Rosso - A busy local favorite, not far from the train station. Via Marziale 25, 081-807-3089, rec'd by Let's Go.
    • Pizzeria Giardiniello - Via Accademia, a nice, no-frills pizzeria/restaurant in a cozy garden setting, 11 am - mid, rec'd by Rick Steves and Let's Go.
    • The Garden - Via Tasso 2, wine bar/enoteca, ~€25, 081-878-1195, 12-3, 6-11:30, rec'd by Time Out.
    • "La Favorita" O'Parrucchiano - Corso Italia 71, citrus, seafood pasta, homemade gnocchi, invented canelloni (?), ~€35, 081-878-1321, 12:30-3, 7:30-10:30, rec'd by Time Out, Frommer's, and Cadogan.
    • Zi'Ntonio - Luigi Demaio 11 and marina Grande, friendly family trattoria, ~€20, 081-878-1623, 12-3, 6:30-mid, rec'd by ??.
    • Sedil Dominova - Via San Cesareo, cheap, long lines unless arriving early, good gnocchi, 081-878-1351, 7-11:30 (dinner only), rec'd by Let's Go.
    • Pizzeria da Franco - Corso Italia 265, near Lemon Grove, popular pizzeria/panini/antipasti, rec'd by Let's Go, Rick Steves, Cadogan.
    • L'Antica Trattoria - Via Padre Reg. Giuliani 33, good mix of seafood and land favorites, €35 fixed price menu, rec'd by Frommer's, Rick Steves, 2015 Repubblica
    • O'Canonico - Piazza Tasso 5, good value for traditional cuisine (gnocchi alla sorrentina, etc.), 081-878-3277, rec'd by Frommer's
    • Mondo Bio - via degli Aranci, cheap, vegetarian, 081-807-5694, rec'd by Frommer's
    • Taverna Artis Domus - Via San Nicola 56, cheap snacks/drinks, live music in summer in basement of Roman villa, rec'd by Cadogan.
    • Pizzeria da Gigino - Piazza San Antonio - rec'd by Rick Steves
    • Pizzeria Sant' Antonio - Piazza San Antonio - rec'd by Rick Steves
    • Donna Sofia - 2015 Repubblica
  • La Basilica - 2015 Repubblica
  • Pastries:
    • Pasticceria O'Funzionista - Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
    • Pasticceria Primavera - Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016, also has gelato (he recommends gelato eterno amore with chocolate, berries, and caramel)
    • More expensive places rec'd by various guidebooks:
      • Il Buco (Frommer's, Rick Steves, 2015 Repubblica)
      • La Laterna (Cadogan)
      • Caruso (Frommer's, Cadogan, 2015 Repubblica)
      • Terrazza Bosquet Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria (2015 Repubblica)


Just outside of Sorrento

Piano di Sorrento/Meta

The last towns before you reach Sorrento, as you travel down the coast road.

    • Il Terrazzino - via San Massimo 6, Piano di Sorrento, rec'd by Mangiarozzo
    • (Ristorante Lido) La Conca - Via del Mare (at Alimuri), Meta, rec'd by 2015 Repubblica, 2015 & 2016 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia
    • Le Tre Arcate - Piazza Cota 9, Piano di Sorrento, closed Mon, rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Arcadia - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Honey: Miele d'Angelo - honey producer who produces mostly honey from local citrus flowers, rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
  • Dried Fruit: Deia - dried figs, dates, prunes rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016

Vico Equense

On the road to Sorrento

  • Il Cellaio di Don Gennaro - rec'd by 2015 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia
    • Torre Ferano - rec'd by 2015 Slow Food Osterie d'Italia
    • La Torre del Saracino - fancy place given 93 points by Gambero Rosso in 2015 Ristoranti d'Italia, also rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • La Tradizione - 2015 Repubblica
    • Il Bikini - 2015 Repubblica
  • Mustafà - 2015 Repubblica
  • Punta Scutolo - 2015 Repubblica
  • Pizzeria da Cardone - 2015 Repubblica
  • Pizzeria da Gigino (Pizza a Metro) - 2015 Repubblica
    • ????Gelateria/Cremeria Gabriele - Corso Umberto 5/7, rec'd TCI, 2015 Repubblica, Dissapore (who say it's the best gelateria in all of Southern Italy, again in 2015), Gambero Rosso Gelaterie d'Italia 2020 "3 coni", run by Raffaele Cuomo
    • expensive places rec'd by 2015 Repubblica: Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa, L'Accanto Grand Hotel Angiolieri, Maxi Hotel Capo la Gala


About ~30 minutes from Sorrento, about ~5 minutes off SS145 (the road from Naples to Sorrento), this town is known for its pasta-making

    • La Bottega di Nonna Vittoria - via Castellammare 160, enoteca/food shop rec'd 2016 Slow Food and 2015 Repubblica
    • La Galleria - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Pizzeria Mascolo - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
  • San Nicola - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Pasta makers
      • La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016, 2015 Repubblica
    • Gentile - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016, 2015 Repubblica
    • Pastificio dei Campi - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016, 2015 Repubblica
    • Pastificio Gaetano Faella - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016, 2015 Repubblica
    • Pastificio Carmiano - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
    • Di Martino - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Gerardo di Nola - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • L'Oro di Gragnano - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Le Antiche Tradizione di Gragnano - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Le Stuzzichelle - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
    • Sebastiano d'Apuzzo - rec'd 2015 Repubblica
      • [down the hill in Santa Maria la Carità:] Pastificio Gerardo di Nola - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
  • Jarred foods: Conserve San Nicola dei Miri - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
  • Various foostuffs: La Bottega di Nonna Vittoria - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
  • Bread: Panificio Malafronte - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016

Sant'Antonio Abate

About ~50 minutes from Sorrento, this town is known for producing great preserved/canned Vesuvius San Marzano tomatoes

  • Conserve Manfuso - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016
  • Terra Slow / Terra Amore e Fantasia Miracolo di San Gennaro - rec'd Golosario di Paolo Massobrio 2016

...also see nearby Massa Lubrense on the Amalfi Coast page and Castellammare di Stabia on the Vesuvius Area page