Note that most Italians don't even think about going out until 11 PM, and often stay out until le ore piccole (the early hours of the morning).

Downtown - Chiaia

Chiaia is the most hip part of town, with a slightly more dressed-up, professional crowd than the Centro Storico.

    • S'Move - Vico dei Sospiri 10, 081-764-5813, multi-storey lounge/bar, rec'd by Fodor's.
  • Miles - Via San Pasquale 47, jazz bar with live music on Thursday, rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Chandelier - Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 34-35, hip bar with cool drinks, free appetizers if you come early, opens at 18:30. Rated as one of the best free spreads of food by Lonely Planet.
    • Bluestone - Via Alabardieri 10, bar with live music
    • Madison Street - Via Sgambati 47, T & Th-Sat 10 PM - 4 AM, Naples's biggest nightclub, rec'd by hostelworld
    • Berevino - Via San Sebastiano, 081-29313, rec'd by Fodor's, appetizers on long wooden tables
    • Otto Jazz Club l- Salita Cariati 23, rec'd by Fodor's
    • La Mela - one of various Via dei Mille nightclubs, rec'd by Fodor's.
    • 66 - Via Bisignano 66, "fusion bar" rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Enoteca Belledonne - Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 18, nice wine bar, daily 10 AM - 2 PM, 6 PM - mid, rec'd by hostelworld and Fodor's.
    • L'ebrezza di Noe - rec'd by Fodor's as a more quiet and refined option.

Downtown - Centro Storico

The Centro Storico, being close to the university, is the main hangout for university-aged folks, especially near Piazza del Gesu and Piazza San Domenico. Piazza Bellini is a slightly more artsy, older crowd--think more grad students and professors than undergrads.

    • Aret' A Palm - Piazza Santa Maria La Nova 14, daily 6:30 PM - 2:30 AM, 339-848-6949, popular bar on this popular square, often live music, rec'd by hostelworld and Fodor's.
    • Superfly - Via Cisterna dell'Olio 12, Spaccanapoli, daily 7 PM - 2:30 AM, or 4 AM on weekends, closed mid June-mid Sept, popular jazz bar, rec'd by hostelworld and Fodor's.
    • Kinky Bar - Via Cisterna dell'Olio 16, Spaccanapoli, 081-552-1571, reggae bar, rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Velvet - Via Cisterna dell'Olio 11, 347-810-7328,, dark basement with live bands and a mix of music depending on the day of the week, rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Risingsouth - rec'd by Fodor's
    • Mutiny Republic - Via Bellini 15, rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Perditempo - hip bar/record store around the corner from Piazza Bellini on Spaccanapoli
    • Caffe Intramoenia - Piazza Bellini 70, 081-290-720, relaxed bookshop and bar rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Il Birraiuolo - via Bellini 48, 081-549-2703, closed Mon/Tues, 100s of craft beers including some from the US.
    • Keste - Largo San Giovanni Maggiore 26, 081-551-3984, in front of Orientale University, nice setting on the square, live jazz on the weekends, rec'd by Fodor's.
    • Botany's - Via A. Manzoni 216, daily 4 PM - 2 AM, "hotspot...with good people and good music" says hostelworld
    • Bar Lazzarella - Calata Trinita Maggiore 7, daily 4 PM - 2 AM, small bar near Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, popular with students, rec'd by hostelworld


[Need more info on Vomero]

    • Pozzuoli Lungomare (Via Napoli) - Technically called Corso Umberto, this street along the water has dozens of bars, including Pub Island, Sneezy, and others.
    • Madigan's - via Carlo M. Rossini 47/49, Pozzuoli, 081-526-0545. Alfonso, a landlord agent, also runs an Irish pub near the amphitheater, with Guinness and Kilkenny on tap. Popular with expats; occasional live music. 40°49.49'N 14°07.56'E.
    • Giorgio's (formerly Maroder's) - via Carmine 6, down the street from Madigan's, 081-526-1759, Giorgio Macolino runs this pub/café with a chill atmosphere; popular with expats and Italians. 40°49.46'N 14°07.52'E
    • Druid's - a decent Irish pub near the port of Pozzuoli, popular with Americans; serves cheesesteak as well as various Italian food (sandwiches, salads, etc.). The coffee bar next door is a big draw for local Italians.
    • Dejavu - a sleek, modern bar/club in upper Pozzuoli just off the traffic circle; also serves dinner.
    • Roof and Sky - bar/oyster bar in a houseboat on Lago Miseno, run by Michele of La Bifora fame. In the summer, it drifts around the lake with a motoboat that shuttles people to and from the shore., 333-276-1608.
    • Nabilah - one of the hottest beach clubs, just south of Lago Fusaro; only open in the summer.

Elsewhere in Naples

    • Covo dei Briganti - off Arenela exit, like an "American bar with a DJ"