Outdoor Markets in Naples

Farmers Markets, Flea Markets, Fish Markets, and More

Mercati, or Markets (sometimes called mercatini, "little markets"), in Naples are a great way to experience the local culture and also get some great bargains. Mercato in Italian could mean the corner store, but it also means an open-air market, where you can often find the freshest foods and the best deals. Even if you don't buy anything, these are worth checking out just to experience the sensory overload of an Italian market.

The following is a more-or-less comprehensive list of Outdoor Markets in Naples:

Downtown Naples Markets

    • Pignasecca Fish/Produce Market - 8-1 every day. Some of the best fruits, vegetables, and seafood in the city. Via Portamedina and Via Pignasecca, which connect the Montesanto metro stops (Line 1, 2, and Funicular) with Via Toledo; near 40°50.74'N 14°14.89'E. See this blog post with photos.
    • "Christmas Alley" - Nativity scene ("creche", presepe in Italian) paraphernalia. Via San Gregorio Armeno, which connects Spaccanapoli and Via Tribunali in the Centro Storico. Normal shopping hours for most of the year, although open late/Sundays near Christmas/Epiphany. 40°51'N 14°15.47'E
    • "Gold Alley" - another name for Spaccanapoli (technically called Via San Biagio dei Librai in this area) in the Centro Storico. So-called because there are a number of gold and jewlery shops, especially near Via Duomo; normal shopping hours. 40°51'N 14°15.6'E
    • Vomero Market (Mercato di Antignano) - Mon-Sat ~8-9 to 2. Fruits, vegetables, clothing, household goods. Via Luca Giordano, a few blocks west of Piazza Vanvitelli (on Line 1 or Funicular), leading to Largo Antignano and Piazza degli Artisti. 40°50.62'N 14°13.7'E
    • Antique Market - On weekends 8-2; see website for which days (typically 3rd weekend of the month). southern side of Villa Communale Park (take funicular or Metro line 2 to Piazza Amadeo and walk south—if coming by car there is often parking along the water), 40°49.96'N 14°13.9'E
    • "Theives' Alley" (Mercato Duchesa) - M-Sat 9-7:30. Clothing, sportswear, electronics, furnishings. Large commerical area just Northwest of Piazza Garibaldi.
    • "Shoe Alley" (Mercatino Poggioreale) - Fri/Sun/Mon 7-2; closed Aug; more crowded after 11 and on Sun. Shoes, clothing, material. Via Marino di Caramanico/Via del Macello in Poggioreale, north of the Gianturco metro stop (also near the Poggioreale Circumvesuviana stop)...in a mildly sketchy part of town, so don't bring valuables or nice cars. 40°51.8'N 14°17.37'E
    • Mercato delle Pulci (Flea Market) - Sun 8-2. Junk, coins, lamps, tables, some antiques. Just north of Shoe Alley on via Poggioreale, near the Cemetary.
    • Posillipo Market (Mercantino di Posillipo) - Thurs from ~8-9 to ~1-2; closed Aug. Clothes, household goods, "trendy" designer stuff. In the Parco Virgiliano, on Viale Virgilio. Approximately 40°48.2'N 14°11.2'E
    • Bancarelle a San Pasquale (Mercantino di Via Imbriani) - M-W, Fri, Sat 8-2; closed Aug. Fruit, vegitables, spices, fish, clothes, jewelry. Via San Pasquale, Via Carducci, and Via Imbriani, just south of the Piazza Amadeo metro stop.
    • Porta Nolana Fish Market - 7-1:30 every day. Famous fish market in a historic district; just south of Piazza Garibaldi (near the end of the line for the Circumvesuviana). 40°51.02'N 14°16.1'E
    • "Buvero" Market (S. Antonio Abate) - M-Sat 9-7:30. Food (and other household goods) market on Via Sant'Antonio Abate, north of the train station (S. Antonio Abate runs parallel with Corso Garibaldi about a block to the west; the market runs down most of the street, starting near the Porta Capuana at the south and spilling out onto Via Benedetto Cairoli at the north—some of the best produce seems to be near the intersection between Sant'Antonio Abate and Benedetto Cairoli). Excellent deals (e.g. in August 2009, 3 kilos of eggplant for €1). 40°51.34'N 14°15.95'E
    • Torretta Market (Mergellina) - 9-1 every day, Viale Antonio Gramsci near the water, covered market with food and clothes.
    • Porta d'Alba Book Market - buy and sell used books between the Alba gate (near Piazza Dante on Via Toledo) and Piazza Bellini (near the Archeological Museum); roughly normal shopping hours.
    • Fuorigrotta Market - M-Sat 9-2. Fruit, vegetables, fish, other food, household goods. Across from the Fuorigrotta Cumana stop (look for blue gate).
    • Bagnoli Market - M-Sat 8-7:30. Similar to Fuorigrotta market, side streets downhill from the Metropolitana station.
    • Agnano Flower Market (Nuovo Mercato dei Fiori) - Tues-Sun 4:30 AM - 8:30 AM according to Buonocore

Greater Naples Area Markets

  • Campi Flegrei
      • Pozzuoli Fish/Produce Market - Tues-Sun 7-2 (although shops start closing at 1). Fresh fish/shellfish, fruits, vegetables, and assorted other foodstuffs. Off Via Nicola Fasano, a couple blocks north of the Tempio di Serapide, 40°49.7'N 14°7.1'E. Especially popular on Sunday (probably because all the other shops are closed!).
      • Pozzuoli Wholesale Fish Market (Mercato Ittico all'ingrosso) - Via Nicola Fasano 17, hard to find good information online but Google Maps suggests it's open 11 PM to 7 AM most evenings (except Sunday evening), other websites say it's open from 7 to 2 everyday but Thursday, 081-524-0513. You might need to be an "authorized buyer" to get in (representing a restaurant/store/etc)...?
      • Monterusciello Market - Wed morning, food, clothes, and other goods, between Monterusciello Sud and Nord exits. (Driving directions courtesy of David Hunter: from the N, take Monterusciello Sud, turn L at end of exit, when road splits, head towards Monterusciello. In ~750 meters, turn L at 4-lane road, park at the bottom of the hill; do not pay more than €1 for parking—they try to fleece Americans for more but no Italian pays more than €1.)
      • Lago Patria Market - Thurs morning, small. On Via Staffetta.
      • Quarto Market - Mon morning, clothes and other goods.
  • Northern Campania / Near Support Site
      • Gricignano Market - Thurs morning, food, clothes, and other goods; make left at Patrick's automotive and continue to roundabout.
      • Aversa Market - Sat morning, Piazza Giovanni XXIII/via Maria Teresa di Calcutta (moved Sept 2011 to Via Enrico De Nicola??), 081-504-9111
    • Caserta Market - Wed and Sat 8:30-1:30. Large market with a wide variety of goods. 41°5.1'N 14°21'E.
      • Succivo Market - Thurs, small, but one person rec's fabric booth. Via Federico Garcia Lorca, 40.969395 N 14.254311 E
  • Eastern Campania
      • Nola Market - Wed 7:30-1. Large market. Piazza D'Armi, in front of the Circumvesuviana Station. 40.929337 N 14.529344 E
      • San Lorenzello Antique Market ("MercAntico") - typically on 2nd and last Sunday of each month. Google Maps.
  • Vesuvius Area
      • Mercato di Resina (Ercolano, outside Herculaneum) - every day 8:30-1:30; closed Aug. Big, noisy market with new and used goods. Via Pugliano in Ercolano.
      • Ercolano Flower Market (Nuovo Mercato dei Fiori Ercolano) - Via Benedetto Cozzolino (near 40°48'08"N 14°22'20"E??), Tues-Sun 4:30 AM - 8:30 AM

Sources: USO Market Page (no longer online), Canadian Surviving Naples Handbook (no longer online), "Naples Outdoor Markets" ITT brochure, Stars and Stripes article, Time Out Naples. Also check out Napoli Unplugged's Market Page and Market Blog, especially the section offering tips on how to shop.